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Josh Ramirez is a standout California Estate Planning Attorney. His deep knowledge, meticulous approach, and genuine empathy set them apart in the legal profession. Without a doubt, I would recommend Josh for anyone seeking expert estate planning services in California.

October 27, 2023

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OMGosh! I literally just had the best experience talking with Josh tonight. I couldn't get anyone to listen to my case, but he did, he didn't rush me, he listened, gave me some helpful tips moving forward, and encouraged me "not to give up!" Thank you Josh...I appreciate you.

October 4, 2023

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My parents had done a thorough job setting up their financial planning before their deaths, so it was a shock when a family member decided to contest the trust even though this family member had been absent from the family for years. The family member's attorney was a harsh, threatening and pushy man and we were frightened of him. However, once we made the connection with California Estate Planning Services, we quickly learned that what this absent family member wanted was not legally justified. They took complete care of the administration of the trust and put a stop to the threatening communication from the other attorney. We received excellent advice to complete my parents' wishes for their estate.

August 17, 2023

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Consulted with Joshua Ramirez for a trust matter who was referred by another attorney.

Joshua was quick to respond not only reviewing documents but discussing our options for an hour or so on short notice.

February 1, 2023

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Josh was an absolute joy to deal with. All my questions not one time did he make me feel dumb for asking. He was very informative and helpful with his recommendations and explaining everything in why he thought it was best. For all the knowledge and help he was very decently priced. Couldn’t have chose a better lawyer to help. Thank you so much Josh!

November 3, 2022

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Worked with main attorney Joshua Ramirez (and Tessa Gardner also).  Honest, knowledgeable and straight forward attorneys.  They did not overbill and made themselves available when I needed to discuss something or was in a panic.

After a bad experience with a previous attorney, I felt Josh was a much better listener from the beginning...and got down to the basics of what the case was about and what could be done from a legal standpoint.


Attorney Josh is a good negotiator if you would like to avoid the years in court and the wasted money you will spend navigating through Probate. Conservatorships, Trusts, Wills, etc---the system that seems to give you a different Judge, Pro-Tem, etc. everytime you appear in court.  

Josh and his team are great...definitely don't go into court without an attorney!

July 26, 2022

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I am writing this review to recommend Joshua Ramirez for the services he provided to our family regarding our trust contest.

To start out with, he always communicated in a very clear and easy to understand way. He has a positive attitude, and a very rational, easy to understand and straightforward way of explaining things.

Secondly, we want to state that Mr. Ramirez provided the most accurate information to us of all the attorneys we were considering. We had talked to a number of attorneys previously, and we did a lot of research on the case beforehand, and the information that Mr. Ramirez gave always checked out or proved to be superior, correct or greatly clarified and expanded as opposed to what we had been told previously.

Finally, we feel that Mr. Ramirez really took the trouble to educate us about our legal case. He explained all the steps in the process, as well as pointing out to us all of the advantages we had going for us. However, most importantly, he showed me what the weaknesses in my case were and how to overcome them.

We really do appreciate the support and optimism that Mr. Ramirez provided to us during this trying time.

May 5, 2022

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Joshua helped my mother in-law with her moms trust and some other things and my mother in-law she must of thanked me 20 times for referring CA Planning Estate Services. Thank you for all that you do Joshua and your team!

March 3, 2022

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Josh Ramirez was incredibly helpful in my family's estate planning process.  He took his time to assess our unique needs in order to recommend the best plan for our family and was very patient with all of our questions along the way.  We felt like we had a good understanding of how the process was progressing from start to end since Josh is very communicative and responsive. 

We reached out to several attorneys before deciding to proceed with Josh and felt like he was the most trustworthy and knowledgeable. We had some bad experiences with a couple other attorneys during consultations as we felt like they were more focused on how much money they would make versus focusing on how they could address our questions and meet our needs. In contrast,  Josh is very kind and truly cares for his clients and their families. We were so glad we decided to proceed with him for estate planning. 

When we had a question many months after everything was completed, his team responded to us quickly to address our inquiry.  Overall, we are very satisfied and impressed by how much Josh and his team went above and beyond to help us in the planning process and to address our follow up questions. We highly recommend Josh Ramirez and California Estate Planning Services.

January 14, 2022

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I am a trustee of a large and fairly complicated trust and was lost with no clue until I spoke with Josh Ramirez. It's such a blessing knowing Josh is on your side. He provided clear explanations and guidance, addressed all my concerns, and went through all the documents thoroughly answering all my questions.

I don't have enough words to express my genuine admiration for him. He is very personable, hardworking, extremely professional, very knowledgeable about California estate law, a very effective communicator and negotiator and above all he cares sincerely about the case and people involved. If I could give him ten stars I would! I highly recommend Josh Ramirez and California Estate Planning Services.  

January 11, 2022

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Where do we start?

Josh was the most responsive, knowledgeable and compassionate of all the attorneys we interviewed for our Estate Planning & last will and trust. To make things better, after we hired him his team supported him and the process was faster and much easier than i thought it would be. (I have put this off for far too long for it to be so easy.)

Josh is friendly and gives you all the time you need to make informed decisions. Not pushy, but he has good ideas if your stuck with a tough decision.

If you are in the OC or surrounding areas i would certainly reach out to Josh if you have questions about your estate and what happens in the event you are no longer able to make decisions on your own.

I don't trust my teens with my money quite yet, maybe when they are 30. Not my fault, that's what the paperwork says. lol.

July 16, 2021

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Despite the efforts of an absolutely wonderful and skilled estate attorney (that will be a separate Yelp review)  who helped my mother set up a Trust that expressed her desires, I found myself in need of an estate litigation attorney when my mother passed away and her companion decided to contest her Trust.

This was a totally unexpected shock. It was also extremely unpleasant and very emotional for me.  My mother was an amazing and wonderful woman. I loved her very much. We had always been a "you and me against the world" team.  This contest should never have happened, but it did. Mr. Ramirez took on the case, even though I was out of state and we were under Covid.  He and his team were very thorough with the information gathering, and making sure they knew all the nuances of the situation. We were all convinced this case would make it all the way to trial and it was going to be ugly.

Unexpectedly, after several attorney to attorney conversations, the opposing side asked for a settlement. After much discussion, and seeing what a toll this situation was taking on me emotionally, Mr. Ramirez advocated for the settlement. I took some convincing. However, he was really looking out for my best interests, even though it cost him many many thousands of dollars of unrealized revenue. If he had continued the litigation, rather than settling, he would have made a lot more money. However, he put the needs of his client (me) first. I am convinced that without the careful and thorough discovery performed by Josh and his team, we would still be battling it out in court as the estate crumbled into dust and only the attorneys benefited.

Josh is not only thorough and competent, but he is very compassionate and pleasant. He tells you the truth, even if it is at times unpleasant.

It would be my hope that no one would ever need an estate litigation attorney. However, if you do, you can rest assured that you will get the best representation possible if you engage Josh Ramirez.

May 24, 2021

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You never want to go through what we went through.  In summary, a very bad person tried to contest my mother-in-laws estate.  The lies and the deceit presented by this person were unbelievable.  It is amazing that such bogus claims can be made in the California legal system without substantiation, but that is the way it is.  To our great fortune we hired Josh Ramirez and his firm.  Not only did he walk us through the process and explain in laymen's terms what would happen every step of the way, he listened with great compassion and caring to everything we had to say.  He also evaluated all of our hard data which we used to refute everything the bad person claimed.  We were able to settle out of court due to Josh's expertise and to our great satisfaction.  As I wrote, you don't really ever want to have to go through what we did.  It was heartbreaking and emotionally painful.  But if you do, you want Josh Ramirez on your side.  His knowledge, skill, honesty and integrity are beyond compare.  We are grateful for his service to our family.  You can add to this that he is just an all around nice guy.  He is engaging and funny.  You could easily sit down and have a beer with him and he'd even laugh at your bad lawyer jokes!  This is what an attorney should be.

May 13, 2021

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Joshua Ramirez helped my elderly parents with a plan and a trust many years ago. My father eventually passed away and Joshua has been invaluable in helping me (her son) assist my 87 year old mother. Joshua has always been a great communicator and is one of the rare few nowadays who always  gets back with me promptly with good, solid, easy to understand advice. He is such a pleasure to deal with. I live in Montana and can't just run right over to help mom, but it is very comforting to my entire family to know that Joshua has our back in these complicated matters. We had another family member die without a will or trust and I am still chasing lose ends 9 years later. I wish he could have met Joshua and had things in order. Making a plan is the greatest gift you can leave your heirs. Do it now if you haven't already.

April 21, 2021

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Josh is very professional, easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable. After my parents used several other attorneys, Josh updated their estate plan better and cheaper. I recommend Josh to all the people I talk to about trusts, will, estate planning and trust administration. Give Josh a call!

April 21, 2021

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